Our Support Pledge

SimOneEMS Customer Support Every staff member at SimOne understands that supporting our clients truly is PRIORITY ONE. We want every client partner to become a referral source, so we’ll help your staff become 1) functional quickly, 2) thoroughly proficient and 3) gain the confidence that SimOne is their reliable business tool. Every SimOne client partner will be assigned an Account Manager who will become familiar with your business so you will not need to relate background information every time you contact SimOne. Your Account Manager will likely address any issue immediately, but know that he/she will have direct access to our developers and administrators if needed. Upon licensing, SimOne will schedule 2 days at your site to complete the installation of SimOne and conduct staff training. SimOne will request that only expenses be paid for this effort. Ongoing, SimOneEMS provides three levels of support: Tutorials online – Please visit http://SimOneEMS-corporate.herokuapp.com and after the video plays, click on any of the screen shots for 50+ tutorials demonstrating how to complete most functions within SimOne. Online tickets – Any technical issue submitted via ticket will be fixed for free. New client partners will receive resolutions for their first 5 Support Tickets at no charge. Ongoing, client partners who submit a Support Ticket before 2:00 PM on any business day will be addressed within 4 hours. Tickets submitted after 2:00 Eastern time or outside of business hours will be addressed during business hours the following business day. $250 per month? Premium Support – You will have your Account Manager’s direct phone number and email address. Your Account Manager will be available from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday. $750 per month? (No charge if they are an enterprise client) On-site – You will have your Account Manager at your site for a pre-determined amount of time. SimOneEMS will issue a Quote once we understand you needs? Supporting our clients is PRIORITY ONE